Attention : 2018 Seniors Of Lexington District 1-


Congradulations To those who are planning On Graduation , Near or at the end of the current Academic year In Lexington one.  A Lof of you are already Making plans For the Week of “Spring Break” and Senior Prom Is just weeks away . there are Universities in  the State With Forms and Documents Such as those For Financial Aid or For Residency . again This year  I am Offering Seniors Planning on attending there selected university such As “Clemson” university a signing Service. if you are planning on attending on any more than one of More than 7 universities in south Carolina Please Visit us online at  Campuses Have Deadlines on Turning in Forms , Documents or Packets.  Those who are planning on Attending a university Have A special Signing Offer of 45 Dollars  that we offered when We were Formerly CMNOTARYSITE. we are here to assist with Such documents Monday-Friday  Weekend Service Will Be offered For an additional $10.00 services Will Be offered Beg. From Friday March 9th until Thursday July 16th 2018 . A list of those Universities Will Be posted along With any forms for those who need Forms or need access to Web service may return here. Forms Will Be ready For use at 3 :00 PM  March 9th 2017.



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