The academic School Session For 2018-2019 In Lexington 1 Will soon be coming to an end and everyone will Have a lot of activities planned. at this time I have opened Client intake for South Carolina Department Forms that Need to be completed by a notary for the 2019 -2020 School Year . THIS is one of the forms that is required In south Carolina For School Attendance . however I have also extended this Service to Students that Will be attending The Lexington 2 Area Schools . if you have obtained a Form From the State office then the Cost of Service Will Be $5.00 per COMPLETED Form .

Pursuant to Section 44-29-180, South Carolina Code of Laws, and South Carolina Regulation 61-8, “no superintendent of an institution of learning, no school board or principal of a school…may…enroll or retain a child or person who cannot produce satisfactory evidence of having been vaccinated or immunized so often as directed by the Department of Health and Environmental Control…. Records of vaccinations or immunizations must be maintained by the institution, school or day care facility to which the child or person has been admitted.” The Department of Health and Environmental Control has declared the following minimum immunization requirements are necessary for a child to be admitted to any public, private, or parochial school, grades five-year-old kindergarten through twelve (5K-12):

this Service is being offered beginning Thursday april 18- Friday july 26 2019

**- Please Bring 2 forms id itentifacation With you For Client Services

you Will Need state or goverment agency ID and postmarked utility Card or other mailpiece Not older than 120 days . To schedule Service Please Call the intake services line 803-862-9280 9:00 am until 4:30 pm Monday – Thursday . the intake line is open on Above Dates Excluding Federal Holidays .

We look forward in Servicing you Soon

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