Fee schedule Update – Effective 7/14/2020

There are some Changes in Edoc Fees . Edoc Fees are to help cover printing Cost in certain Documents and also help cover the cost in use of other equipment . A portion of edoc Fees are also set aside for clients who are financially unable to pay for a notary services , such as a personal loss or other Financial burden that a client may be facing . and edoc fee is simply for the notary to collect in in certain notary sighnings where the Client that needs a certain document in time sensitive rush in a digital download or usps mailing and can usually be paid in advance during a client intake process . payment Stubs are issued during the process also . If you have any questions , Please contact us through this site . The Edoc Fee is $35.00 and covers the printing of up to 50 pages only if you need copies of documents please include a $15.00 service Fee The New Edoc Fee Will Go into effect JULY 14, 2020

thank you For your understanding .

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