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2020! Nobody in This Country Would Have Ever imagined have Ever Living covid-19. I am A Survivior of C Difficille (2017) and this year We have Faced hardships in our personal Lives , and Economically as well. I am writing This to let people know that We are still Here . throughout 2021 and continuing We are and will Continue To operate Our New hours are Monday- Thursday 7 AM – until 3:00 Pm eastern time and Friday- 7:30 am until 1:00 PM We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Please Contact us to discuss your Needs. This past January We Launched on a new phone System that includes a call Quue and an on hold System. In years Past During the Holidays We have had office Closures But this Christmas eve Christmas day and New years day we will be open. as above 2020 has been a challenging year and have had to make some difficult choices and have been forced implement a fee for services charge to all client-Notary Transactions. the Fee is $8.00 we Do offer Discounts on notarial acts (over 10 pages) or with seal. there is a 5.00 per act fee Charged per document

also Happening November 2020 We will Be Giving away Free Notary Services. No your eyes are not playing tricks on you . yes you are Reading this correctly! Free No costs to the First 10 clients to book For November 7th . any document . Any person. State Id will Be required. Contact our office. For details.


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