Covid -19 Update

Our Office Has Just Learned that there is an individual That states that they are From Our office and that they are a notary and that they are with law enforcement and will arrest you . Beware. This is a Scam . The person Involved is not with our office .Generally, states’ laws indicate that any person who acts as, or otherwise willfully impersonates, a notary public while not lawfully appointed and commissioned to perform notarial acts is guilty of a misdemeanor or a felony punishable upon conviction by a fine or by imprisonment or both. The Caller is Dialing From a number of (803)939-1472 it is not a genuine Call From Aspire Notary. If you happen to  receive any Messages or Calls From this number please File a report of the incident to  by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357). The More reports will Better the chance of the user being Shut Down and or other Legal actions. We will never call our Clients or Firms and make Statements that they Will be arrested. Our Contact information is Always Displayed on Our Contact Us Page. If you would Like you may Always Contact us at the number Provided and We will also Forward any information Through our Channels. Safety is Our Number one Priority And During The Covid -19 Pandemic. If you Feel threatened or Fear of Being Stalked , Please Call 9-1-1 . Our office uses Call recording Technology That is powered by AVOXI AND ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED. We may share Information That you Provide to Law Enforcement to Create a Case against the abuser. We Will Not release any information To third parties .

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Notary Public Of South Carolina - Commissioned in State of South Carolina