Service alert!-

over the next several weeks parts of the Site will go away as the Site is getting ready to go through a complete overhaul in the coming months we will be going through a operating System adoption. we do Have some aging Technology That needs to be replaced. In march of this year we dropped out on an isp so that we could get a more reliable connection. work will be done this fall. we are working on developing a New Program for Notaries that are signing agents that will Allow those to be listed throughout the interweb! an affordable way to build and make it possible For you to get more work in. we are currently in talks with CENTURY SOLUTIONS GROUP atlanta office on getting us up and running with new phones! We are dropping our professional numbering Supplies! we are also exited to get New Shirts Coming Later This Summer in July! With New Branding. Still Stuck on an Email issue that is still being worked on! should Have that fixed in another week! No other News to repor on at this time. 73!