Move Targeted for mid july 2023

it has been kind of quiet… we have have gotten funds allocated to upgrade 23 systems and components across all of our service regions including our call center and corperate offices. in the spring 2023 10 new jobs will be created including one agent job. that will bring our number of people to our company to 17 people since our launch in 2016! we hope to add more to our staff no later than 2025 as a result. we are planning a big move during 2023 as well to another platform. by mid 2027 we hope to have 50 support support staff on hand if expansions continue in an an upward direction. in 2022 we had 700 clients processed and processed clients in 23 states including 518 locally our work load peaks in mid march yearly with our lowest servicing around november yearly. for those who meet special requirements we offer free services. to date we have colleted over 87,000.00 total revenue since 2016 in these short years!


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