Our Services

   Whenever you need a notary public, Aspire Notary Service is here to serve you.

                We guarantee convenience, reliability, and efficiency with certified expertise.

                We offer premium notary solutions for many documents including:

  • Power of Attorneys
  • Living Wills/Trusts/Deeds
  • Affidavits & Testaments
  • I-9 Employee Verifications
  • Motor Vehicle Documents
  • Beneficiary Changes
  • Medical Directives
  • School Transcripts
  • Child Adoptions
  • Minor Travel
  • Medical Consents
  • Property & Lien Releases
  • Vital Records Applications
  • Other General Document


Do you have a document that originated in the United States that requires utilization in a foreign country? Do you conduct business, study aboard, or live outside the United States and need a document certified with an Apostille or Legalization Authentication?

No matter the U.S. State, our Certified Apostille Agent can assist with your document needs. We will review your documents, ensure its properly certified, and provide courier services to any Secretary of State office, U.S. Department of State in Washington DC, and any Non-Hague Embassy or Consulate.

 Common documents and/or individuals that may require such certification:

·        Legalization of a Vital Records-Birth, Marriage, or Death certificates.

·        Federal/Recordable Documents-IRS, FBI, State, Immigration, and FDA documents.

·        Non-recordable/non-federal documents- Power of Attorney, Living Will, Last Testament, etc.

·        Business documents such as Articles of Organization.

·        Individuals that chose to work in foreign countries.

·        United States citizens that plan to marry or live in a foreign country.

·        United States citizens that choose to study aboard or desire to use their degree in a foreign country.

·        Businesses that utilize International Trade.

·        And many more…

For an accurate, hassle free Apostille or Legalization Authentication, call Aspire Signing Service today!